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Festival Hats

Whether you’re stage hopping at a rave, or dancing on top of art cars deep in the desert, you always do it with style, babe! Dolls Kill has the sikkest and most unique selection of festival hats that are perfect for every doll and her personalized style. Ravin’ at a speedway? There’s a hat for that. Dancing in the sunshine? We got ya covered! With the dopest rave gear and festival accessories like embellished captain hats, light up cowboy hats, holographic visors, and floppy sun hats, our doll will alwayz look fierce at any event while flexin’ for the gram! Carrying major brands such as Club Exx, Neon Cowboys, Fydelity, Diamond Dolls, and more, you’ll always find your perfect rave or festival fit. Light up cold nightz with LED faux fur hats. Shine in the light with iridescent military hats. Serve boho chic with sun hats and wide brim hats. Anything you need to take your festival fashion to the next level, Dolls Kill has ya covered! Scroll thru each page for the newest festival hats N’ unleash your inner music festival goddess at an online shopping destination unlike anywhere else.

Where to Wear It: Raves, Concerts, Music Festivals, Desert Festivals, Outdoor Events, Dance Parties, Street Parties, Anywhere that’ll let ya be exXxtra AF!

What U’ll Find: Festival Captain Hats, Festival Top Hats, Festival Sun Hats, Festival Military Hats, Visors, Holographic Hats, Iridescent Hats, Crystal Hats, Jeweled Hats, Spiked Hats, Concho Hats, Wide Brim Hats, Boho Hats, Boho Festival Hats, Faux Fur Hats, Light Up Hats, Cowboy Hats, Cowgirl Hats.
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