The history: eVeRy1 LUVS a CoMeBaCk! dELiA?s by Dolls Kill exclusively at Dolls Kill is made for all the 90z babes out there! This plus size collection is inspired by the iconic styles of the 90?s & 2000?s to have ya throwin? it all the way back bb. Get your spice girl fashion fix with everything from platform sneakers to funky prints, and babydoll plus size dresses.

Why we love them: This collection will have ya feelin? oh so nostalgic babe. Look like you?re starring in the next teen movie with this funky, colorful collection that is made for dolls who just wanna live their life!

One phrase: eVeRy1 LUVS a CoMeBaCk!

Where To Wear It: goin? to skool, just hangin? out, at the rock show, with da boys, anytime anywhere bb

What U'll Find: dELiA?s by Dolls Kill funky prints, dELiA?s by Dolls Kill platform shoes, dELiA?s by Dolls Kill babydoll dresses, dELiA?s by Dolls Kill baby tees, dELiA?s by Dolls Kill wide-leg skater pants, dELiA?s by Dolls Kill mini backpacks