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Take Me 2 Wonderland

Take yourself to the Wonderland. Be a tripped out princess in these lookz! Dolls Kill has all your wishes coming true in these trippy prints, sikk sequins and reflective clothing. Carrying major brands such as Club Exx, J Valentine, Cyberdog and much more, you’ll always find an electric look. Scroll thru to find your butterfly sets, butterfly shoes, reflective mushroom sets, trippy princess inspired clothing, sequin tops, sequin bottoms, wing backpacks and glitter accessories.

Where to Wear It: Festival, Electric Festival, Electric Music Festivals, Raves, Dance Parties, EDM

What U’ll Find: Butterflies, Mermaids, Sequin Sets, Wing Boots, Glitter Beauty, Face Gems, Wing Backpacks, Trippy Princess Sets, Reflective Mushroom Sets, Neon Clothing
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