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Self Care

Treat yo self bb with supa beneficial self care products that will not only make you look better but feel better as well! We all gotta take care of ourselves so why not get self care products that will only help u like face masks, soaps, body washes, supplements, eye patches, vibrators, sunscreens, feminine products and so much more! Carry supa popular brands like Lime Crime, The Creme Shop, CannaSmack, TONYMOLY, BIJOUX INDISCRETS and more. So whenever you're feelin' down or not confident make sure you snag some of these wellness products.

Where to Wear It: Everyday, At Home, Slumber Parties, Girls Night, Wine Night, Girls Day, Beauty Day, Self Care

What U’ll Find:Face Masks, Soaps, Body Washes, Supplements, Vibrators, Feminine Products, Sunscreens
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