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Mashin' Metal Top


    Mashin' Metal Top Mashin' Metal Top it’s time to jam out with yer clam out ladiez. Giving us a little flashback to fashionz past, this halter-style top knows how to highlight yer best assets. With only two ties holding this bb on yer goodiez, yer back gets to breathe finally! And what’s even more badazz, the top is made out of 100% metal!!! And with a gloss finish on each individual piece, yer gonna wish you had some stage lights on you all the time. Yer probably thinkin’ a metal top would be no bueno on yer girls, well yer wrong. (sorry about it) Cuz this babe has a 100% silky-smooth polyester lining it. Now you can feel free and roll yer stones over to that concert you’ve been waiting for.