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American Deadstock

The history: American Deadstock was founded just a few years and has already became a staple in Y2K fashion. They gained a following through resurrecting deadstock fashion from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s that not only look good, but also save our planet from excess waste! They got ya covered for all 00’s fashion from baby tees to bucket hats.

Why we love them: All these dudz are legit vintage deadstock ready to be brought back to life! Cuz if we don’t treat our mother earth right, who will?! There’s something for all the Y2K princesses out there.

One phrase: OMG, is that deadstock? Duh!

Where To Wear It: house partiez, ravez, rollin’ with da homies, shmokin’ bleezies, you know the usual!

What U'll Find: American Deadstock tube top, American Deadstock bucket hat, American Deadstock x Internet Girl halter top, American Deadstock halter top, American Deadstock python pants

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