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Anna Kosturova

The history: Believe it or not, Designer Anna Kosturova didn’t start her career in fashion. She started her professional career with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, and it only took a few years for her to acknowledge her flair for art and fashion. She refers to this radical change in her life as "a personal liberation. . . a process of decoding my DNA to claim my own happiness." Anna believes she really is a mermaid, and has a passion for all things from the sea, so designing swimwear and resort wear is just a natural thing for her.

Why we love them: Anna Kosturova believes she is addicted to things beautiful, and we could see that passion in her designs immediately. The attention to detail, ornate embellishments, and originality in her pieces are exactly what we, and our dolls love to wear.

One phrase: Take me to the Sea.

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