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Ardency Inn

The history: Ardency Inn is deeply rooted in the downtown New York music scene, and encapsulates the power of art, music, and lifestyle with their bold approach to creating sophisticated pigments that have an unexpected edge. From there, Ardency Inn has created a completely unique makeup line that represents a true lifestyle that resonates with music, art, and makeup fans everywhere. With imagery that captures the edge and free spirit of NYC, combined with 100% mineral-based products that won’t hurt or stain yer skin, they encourage everyone to express themselves to their fullest potential, and with all the different combinations, the possibilities are endless.

Why we love them: They aim to put the power of makeup artistry into the hands of not just music artists, but onto the faces of everyone. These guyz have created a high performance color cosmetics that are quick and easy to use, allowing yer creativity to run free.

One phrase: Live on the Edge.

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