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Babydol Clothing

The history:Thiz brand iz all about givin u the perfect wardrobe to be your FULL self BB! And F*CK whoever’s not down with it! Babydol Clothing always haz tha sikkest festival fashion with a groovy 90s style twist to it. They’re always coming up with tha trendiest designs you’ve never seen before from their Brighton, UK studio.

Why we love them:Look supa groovy with all theze festival sets BB!

One phrase: Spread Positivity N Be Exactly Who You Wanna Be!

Known For: Pastel Clothing, Flared Pants, Festival Flare Pants, Festival Sets, 90s Clothing, Funky Clothing, Hippy Clothing, Hippy Dresses, Cami Dresses, Club Dresses, Animal Prints, Cut Out Dresses
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