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Black Lace Skin Jewelry

The history: Mary Anne Pitchman and Bonny Katzman both have backgrounds in graphic design and created Black Lace Skin Jewelry to mend their love for design and jewelry. Offering a new way to ice yourself, these handcrafted body jewels and adhesive face jewelry are pieces that are made using the best glitters, Swarovski soarkles, silks n satins, and foils. Inspired by Medival times, every collection has a modern and edgy twist like gothic crosses, crystal beaded snakes, and fleur de lys.

Why we love them: Cuz sometimes we wanna be xtra with it and these gorgeous body jewelry makes us feel royal and sexy af. We luv the intricate designs and that they're easy to apply being self-adhesive, waterproof, and hypoallergenic.

One phrase: Mask On, F*ck it, Mask Off

Known For: Black Lace Skin Jewelry body jewelry, Black Lace Skin Jewelry body jewels, Black Lace Skin Jewelry Haute Couture Jewelry, Black Lace Skin Jewelry Black Lace Metallic Tattoos
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