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Black Scale

The history: Fathered by Mega back in 2008, Black Scale possesses origins of religion, government, identity, and death in their designs to continuously question ideals of our everyday society. Fukkin’ deep, right? Black Scale isn’t yer typical streetwear brand. They go against the grind by pushing to be XXXclusive while perpetuating a clean, minimalistic taste to make you question further about existence and balance, ultimately all left open fer interpretation so you can be az significant as yer threadz. Whether you wanna dig into the dark or hold light, that’s up to you.

Why we love them: Experimental in their design, Black Scale’s design aesthetic is a mix of minimalism and hard hitting symbolism with an avant-garde kick. Using premium fabrics and materials, and catered fer a tailored, clean fit to alwayz make ya look forward, intellectual, and sexxxy, we fukkin’ luv the quality and statement each piece presents itself.

One phrase: For every positive there is a negative.

Known For: Black Scale Womens Clothing, Black Scale Leggings, Black Scale Shirts, Black Scale Beanies

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