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Body Glove

The history: Twinsies Bill and Bob Meistrill loved water sports adventure growing up and got obsessed about the spirit of innovation on how to make getting wet even more wet. Together they created Body Glove in 1953 and invented the first practical wetsuit that revolutionized surfing and diving forever. Today, Body Glove continues their legacy in their line of wetsuits and swimwear that’s super comfy, safe, and extra fun when in or out the water.

Why we love them: Because our favorite pastime is getting soaked! We luv getting wet in Body Glove’s classic swimwear silhouettes with poppin’ colors that can take any wave we’re trying to get into.

One phrase: Fits like a glove.

Known For: Body Glove swimwear, Body Glove wetsuits, Body Glove bathing suits, Body Glove one pieces, Body Glove bikinis

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