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Bondi Bather

The history: Bondi Bather luvs to get wet from the down under, getting its wavy inspiration from Australian beaches and lifestyle. All about the bae watch attitude, Bondi fuses high quality prints and flattering styles to their collections of bikinis, bottoms, and one-pieces alike. Designed and made in-house, these collections are all limited editions and one-of-a-kind pieces. Bondi knows you like to take up the high seas or how ya like to get yer azz buried in the sand, so these suits will outlast the salty seas and sun rays anytime, while making you look smokin' hottt!

Why we love them: Meshing with our bodies with highhhly tested fabrics that can keep up with our charged up behavior, these swimsuits will never sag down from yer fun. With its modern cuts and sik prints that are unlike the rest, these BBz will have ya getting wet-wet without stepping into the water!

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