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The history: Started by two bros in 2010, Brashy is a contemporary streetwear brand based in Los Angeles. Influenced by the city kid lyfe, this athletic inspired brand fuses its sporty aesthetic with a minimal sleek silhouette that’ll cut right thru anyone creepin’ at you. Infused with bold n’ sometimes tongue in cheek graphics, Brashy will play up against anyone with a bad gurl attitude.

Why we love them: Made fer the anti-conformist babe, this brand is a match-made fer all our Darby dolls. Elevated in style, we r totally obsessin’ over its signature, monochrome graphics that state the fukkin’ obvious. I mean, like if our girl Rhi Rhi can seriously can rock this, why can’t we?

One phrase: Bad girl, bad girl, what chu gonna do?

Known For: Brashy sports tops, Brashy crop tops, Brashy tees, Brashy Seriously Tank, Brash sidebook tanks

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