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Bristols Six

The history: Before 2002, there was no sassy way of hidin’ yer nips. Sounds like the dark ages, doesn’t it? Thankfully, three lovely ladies down in Los Angeles put an end to all of this with their lady-covering brand, Bristols Six. Coming from the world of Action Sports, these ladies often found themselves in tight fitting clothing that wouldn’t stay put. These babes put their best parts together to have you feelin’ confident to bare it all!

Why we love them: The nippies are perfect for showin’ off or staying covered, perfect for the doll who wants it all. Coming in an arrange of bright colors all the way down to nude, it’s not hard to be completely obsessed (cuz we certainly are)! Stretchy and form-fitting, each of the nippies are water-resistant and loves yer body’s curves, meaning no wrinkles anywhere! Now really what else could our girls ask for?

One phrase: Nip Nip Hooray!
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