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Butter Toki

The history: Butter Toki was created about 5 years ago by the founder 'Pow' when she realized she could make her own bath and body products at home with the scents and ingredients she craved! Butter Toki's Soap Fluff, Body Butter, and Body Scrub are filled with xxtra tasty scents so ur skin will be soft as a cloud and smellin' like dessert.

Why we love them: Butter Toki's products are all hand-made to order so your goodiez are always fresh -- they're also 100% Vegan and Cruelty free! We're obsessed with their sweet scents and mega cute Kawaii packaging.

One phrase: When you wanna smell good enough to eat.

Known For: Butter Toki Body Butter, Butter Toki Soap Fluff, Butter Toki Lip Scrubs, Franken Frosting Nail Lacquer
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