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Camp Collection

The history: In homage to the summer daze of fresh cut grass, tug of war, and that mighty cute boy in Cabin 14, Camp Collection brings nostalgia to present life with its summer camp inspired clothing. Made in San Francisco, this California lifestyle brand is nothing but the bae best giving you some cool af, quality clothes that you can come and play outside in or streak in slow motion with. With their 70s inspired silhouettes and escapist mentality that brings the summer and youth to any day of the week, season, or age, we luv the idea of going to Camp Anawana or Camp Ivanhoe, or just having a fukkin’ Wet Hot American Summer in the middle of the week.

Why we love them: The rules have been made and yer here to break them, BBcakes! We like to get down and dirty just like our WIllow babes, and Camp Collection brings life’s adventures that you can literally wear on yer sleeves. Bringing you comfy classikks such az camp tees, long johns, and sweaters, these BBz are made to play in.

One phrase: Blaze your own trail.

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