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Castles Couture

The history: Castles Couture was founded in 2012 in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina, USA. Don’t let their southern roots scare you, these guys have been constantly growing and changing. By reaching out to different markets and cultures they developed a sik lifestyle brand for BBs that want to look sexXxy without hurting the eviroment. Everything is made by hand out of vegan friendly fabrics with an extreme attention to detail. People could immediately see and fell in love, taking CC from a small idea, into a real big deal in no time flat.

These guys know how to make some bomb clothes. They only use vegan friendly fabrics, meaning no real fur, leather, silk, wool or animal bi-product based dyes, and hand pick every one individually. The hand-made crafting of the final product, is done in-house with extreme attention to detail by a small group of peeps that are keepin’ it personal. By doing this they can continue coming up with new, exciting ideas, and produce high quality, original, statement pieces without compromising anything.

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