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The history: Cari Zalloni was a visionary who revolutionized eyewear design and created dope trends when starting Cazal back in the 80s. Cazal defined the hip hop look of the era, becoming a cult like style that all rappers from RUN DMC to LL Cool J wanted to get a piece of. Using only luxury, first class materials and pure titanium to materialize these sik & striking sunglasses and glasses, these bbz are so flex that they can just be called cazals.

Why we love them: Cuz we know yer a real one if yer fukkin’ with cazals. With a Q&A process that ensures the frames you’ll be rocking is perfection, we know that these bbz will frame our face, personality, and swag.

One phrase: Don’t Block My Shine, Shawty

Known For: Cazal luxury sunglasses, Cazal hip hop sunglasses, Cazal clear glasses
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