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Chinese Laundry

The history: Launched in the 80s by founders Robert and Carol Goldman, Chinese Laundry has xploded to become a forefront of fashion footwear fer dolls all around. Staying on top of all da trends, they always release groundbreakin’ styles szn after szn. From combining quality and value into their signature values, their POV will make anyone a shoe fiend.

Why we love them: From daytime looks to a dolls night out, you’ll alwayz find a style that’s perfect to match yer OOTD and mood. We luv how they use innovative fabrics n leathers while steppin’ up to da trends.

One phrase: Walk Da Walk, Gurl.

Known For: Chinese Laundry footwear, Chinese Laundry shoes, Chinese Laundry heels, Chinese Laundry platform shoes
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