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Color Club

The history: Founded in 1979 by the raddest babes in all tha land, Color Club was one of da pioneers of sik nail polish for profreshionals. Owned and operated only by women, these babes have used nail polish and the idea of getting done up as a message of empowerment. Now with over 250+ shades to choose from, these nail polishes go from the boldest neons to radiant holographics that’ll take having yer nail dids to anotha level.

Why we love them: Vegan, free of harsh chemicals, made straight from the concrete jungle of NYC, and ran by baes -- talk about Girl fukkinn’ Power! We luv all their trendy lacquers that’s made from the best quality ever, so even if ya can’t get yer azz to tha nail salon yer claws will still look fleeky.

One phrase: Throwing every shade under the sun.

Known For: Color Club nail polish, Color Club nail lacquer, Color Club neon nail polish, Color Club holographic nail polish

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