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Concrete Minerals

The history: Started in 2009, Concrete Minerals is a cosmetics line that’s been ahead of the rest on making high-end vegan and cruelty-free makeup. With a “less is more” aesthetic, Concrete Minerals focuses on minimal ingredients to bring out the boldest pigments for your beat.

Why we love them: With no parabens, preservatives, or filler ingredients while remaining 100% gluten-free, Concrete Minerals cosmetics treats our faces like an A-list celeb's. We really don’t know what voodoo magic they do to get the best pigments ever, but makes us only want to buy their makeup then the fake shit.

One phrase: Just beat it!

Known For: Concrete Minerals mineral eyeshadow, Concrete Minerals lip tints, Concrete Minerals matte eyeshadow, Concrete Minerals vegan makeup
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