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The history: Started in 2010, Courtshop was created by Lisa Fuller and Nicole Tondre who answered to fill the gap in creating simple yet great fitting jeans that are affordable. Since then, they have become bedfellows for premium denim, infamous for their natural and high-waisted fits with clean, clasikk washes. Based in New York City, this brand wedges itself between the functionality of a good pair of working jeans with a rock persona, aiming to give you the perf heart-shaped azz while you slay the day away.

Why we love them: Only using quality denim, you know yer getting the good shit, BBgirl! What’s more is that attention is placed on the fit, tailored on how yer denim will mold to yer body, instead of unnecessary branding or embellishments that only take away from how good yer azz looks.

One phrase: Makin’ boyz cry when they see my onion butt.

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