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Demian Renucci

The history: Uncovered and a phantom to fashion, Demian Ranucci chooses for his clothes to show face for him. This Australian designer gives nothing but xxtra luv to his self name brand with its super limited production and xxxclusivity. Inspired by LA sportswear, DR juxtaposes 90s internet landscapes and contemporary art n’ culture to create and display his collections -- dressing yew az a doll who literally belongs in internet heaven and too good to be true to exist IRL.

Why we love them: We r fukkin’ obsessed with DR’s sleek silhouettes and progressive statements to make lyfe a sport while always lookin’ sexy af. Whether yer about dat ball iz life, cyber sport, or wanna be a sportz slut, DR will have ya Blasé and killin’ any games yer down to play.

One phrase: Double Tap Me!

Known For: Demian Ranucci harnesses, Demian Ranucci health goth, Demian Ranucci cyber sport, Demian Ranucci sportswear

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