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Devinah Cosmetics

The history: DeAndra was absolutely fukkin’ obsessed with makeup growing up especially with eyeshadows collecting every color. She took her obsession one step further and made Devinah Cosmetics, dats all about vegan and cruelty eye makeup that’s made in a sanitized environment so yer colors stay pure giving tha best performance fer yer eyes. Completely affordable, pigment packed, and just pretty af, these eyeshadows will glam up yer eyes to anotha level.

Why we love them: We luv how affordable these eyeshadows are so we can buy more while spending less, and slay all at the same time. Cruelty free, vegan, and pure with da colors, this quality cosmetics line knows how to win a gurl over.

One phrase: Beloved, Divine, & Heavenly

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