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Diamond Supply Co

The history: Founded in 1998 by Nick Tershay, this once skateboarding hardware line has become one of the pioneers in da streetwear game, expanding to a full international lifestyle brand that also has a roster of the baddest daddy skateboarders in da world. This full range line throws down and kills it with their hard goods and clothing. Known fer its signature diamond design and clean aesthetic, this line supplies us with a strong focus fer a skateboarder, artist, designer, or atlethete.

Why we love them: Cuz if we want a sk8ter boy, we gotta dress da part. This OG line knows how to treat it’s diamond girls with unisex or baddie looks that any of our dolls can rock. We luv being part of the crazy history that this brand has paved, and certainly don’t mind being covered in diamonds while taking part.

One phrase: #DIAMONDLIFE

Known For: Diamond Supply Nike SBs, Diamond Supply graphic tshirts, Diamond Supply coach jackets, Diamond Supply hard goods, Diamond Supply skateboard clothing, Diamond Supply streetwear clothing
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