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Electric Styles

The history: Electric Styles was created to get lit with any night show, rave, n’ festival. Knowing that babes like yew are all about da lights and being da center of the attention, Electric Styles wanted to make gear n’ clothing that’s just as lit as lasers n’ all party vibes. Artfully crafted, this sik brand makes anything from clothing to their infamous LED sneakers that recharge n’ last longer than da pillz ya pop.

Why we love them: Cuz yer the kandi kid who luvs being da party! Be the best n’ brightest while showing off yer sikkest moves. We totally would kick it in their LED rechargeable shooz that have different colors and LED modes.

One phrase: Steppin’ Da Night Away.

Known For: Electric Styles LED rechargeable shoes, Electric Styles EL-Wire Bras, Hats, and Ties, Electric Styles Color Light Up Changing Fur, Electric Styles LED Ties, Electric Styles Light Up Costume Apparel, Electric Styles rave wear, Electric Styles EDC styles

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