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Eyland Jewellery

The history: Coming all da way from London town, two cute friends Victoria and Katrin decided to put their headz together with their crazy luxury jewelry background and form Eyeland Jewellry in 2014. Starting off to make affordable costume jewelry for all yer dress-up nights n needs, they kept going then grew to make high end type of bling and accessories with sik designs and highhh attention to detail... all with an affordable price point. Wid their innovative and modern aesthetic that fits all our trendiest dolls, this jewelery company will ice ya out on tha low low.

Why we love them: With their artsy style taking inspo from Surrealism and ancient shit, this jewelry line will keep ya classy af while still lookin’ dope. We luv the quality of what we r getting with all pieces being 9 carat gold plated brass, hand painted enamel, or wid Swarovski sotnes.

One phrase: Look @ Me Now!.

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