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The history: Fete Champetre is a celebration of personal style using a minimalist approach and run by a little blonde girl in sunny LA. Think Marie Antoinette goes modern and you’ve basically yew got Fete Champetre! Comin’ onto the scene to bring back a type of royal class to yer azz, this brand is for all our queens out there. Each collection consists of only 5 essentials a woman needs to create a complete wardrobe: a top, a bottom, a dress, an intimates set, and a piece of outerwear, which are designed to be completely convertible. Each piece is handmade with love out of 100% organic materials in Los Angeles and hand-numbered of an edition of only 55.

Why we love them: We love nothing more than to know that we’re the ones wearin’ the crowns at the dinner table, and this brand let’s us do that. With luxury fabrics and intimates that hug yer body, type this is for the classiest of the dolls. They believe that clothes should be made with love, ethically sourced, & positively charged through the principles of reiki. We can totes get behind that.

One phrase: Every day is a special occasion.

Known For: Fete Babydolls, Fete Skirts, Fete Pants

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