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Fraulein Kink

The history: Handcrafted to its finest in Berlin, Fraulein Kink is unlike any lingerie brand yew know. This luxury lifestyle brand provides yer naughty side with high end bondage accessories like masks, cage bras, garters, headbands and more that’ll have ‘em risking it all to wake up on the bad or good side of da bed with you, bb. Whichever you prefer...

Why we love them: Meant to be worn inside and outside of the bedroom, so you can show off our freaky side every chance we get. With each piece being handcrafted, we luv all or any hands that goes towards making us look and feel good.

One phrase: Get yer freak on.

Known For: Fraulein Kink crystal masks, Fraulein Kink garter belts, Fraulein Kink cage bras, Fraulein Kink headbands, Fraulein Kink BDSM accessories
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