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The history: Nic is the type of teacher you always wished you had, and needed a creative outlet to match her cool. So she started playing with glitter and makeup then baby-stepped to build her brand, FromNicLove. Since 2015, this beauty brand has an amazing collection of faux eyelashes, glitter make-up, and vegan cosmetics. Hand-made with love, FromNicLove has won beauty product of the year with her Mermaid Glitter Lashes and continues to slay your girlie needs.

Why we love them: Girlie and glittery, oh yas! We luv a girl who totally gets us like our BFF. Everything FromNicLove makes is also vegan, hand-made, and the cosmetics are manufactured in the UK, making us look fabulous and royal.

One phrase: When you give them that smize...

Known For: FromNicLove Mermaid Glitter Lashes, FromNicLove faux eyelashes, FromNicLove faux lashes, FromNicLove glitter make-up, FromNicLove false eyelashes
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