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Glitter Injections

The history:Jessica Wong has always had a passion for makeup and beauty, and wanted a new and unique way to share it with the world. With an unrelenting love for everything glitter, she came up with a brand new concept that not only made glitter more fun, but a bit more manageable. Thus, glitter injections were born. Now with a variety of products including her namesake glitter injection syringes, she has expanded on to pills, glitter gels, and glues that make yer life easier, and shinier.

Why we love them:By putting the glitter in an easy to use, and easy to transport syringe, it not only eliminated a lot of the “glitter everywhere” dilemma, it also made for a sun, funky and different approach to bedazzling yer bod, and we wanna bring more glitter into the lives of everyon

One phrase:There is Never Enough Glitter

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