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H0les Eyewear

The history: Brooklyn based artist Pam Tietze has always enjoyed working in multiple mediums, and was epicly inspired to bring to life her latest project that “enriches our interaction with light”, and thus- H0les Eyewear was born. So she put some seriously trippy kaleidoscopic glass prisms as lenses in ordinary, utilitarian eyeglasses, making something no one has ever seen before, transforming yer surroundings into living, experiential, psychedelic art. She started off by making them for her friends, but before she knew it, they went viral, and an overwhelming number of individuals interested in getting their hands on a pair, and the rest is history.

Why we love them: Who doesn’t love wearin’ a unique piece of art that you and others can enjoy at the same time? The sparkling diamond eyewear bridges the gap between art and fashion and insanely creative art, which is what we luv the most!

One phrase: See the world in a whole new light
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