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Haus of Dizzy

The history: Haus of Dizzy was founded by queen of bling, Kristy Dickinson, to make yer jewelry game supa sik n’ slayin’. All tha way from the down under, this Australian-based brand is truly something special with weird and wonderful statement jewelry like oversized pieces or super light acrylic earrings. Hand made to absolute perfection, Kristy even hand paints a lot of tha jewelry herself and draws inspo where it hits da heart -- where she’s at and indigenous culture.

Why we love them: Cuz we got a lot to say but sometimes we don’t feel like talkin’! These jewelry pieces will do all the yappin’ fer us though with loud af statements and trending symbols. We totes luv how light the earrings are, so even when we’re stuntin’, talkin’ shit, or about to brawl, these bbz can hang n’ still make us look bae.

One phrase: I’ve got 99 problems, but bling ain’t one.

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