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Hips and Hair

The history: Hips and Hair is a byproduct of youth being raised by television and pop culture frustration that’s pushed down our throatz day in and day out. We’re fukkin’ sick of it! So its retro, 90s imagery with a sikk twist on hip centers around Western culture and how it impacts the rest of the world. Designed, sewed, dyed, and printed in sunny Southern California, these playful garments with their classikk silhouettes and fun graphics will despise or celebrate references and fr be a convo starter none of our dolls could deny.

Why we love them: Taking references from the biggest pop culture phenomenons, there’s no denying just how cool these graphics are! Even more dope is da fact these prints are juxtaposed with hardcore aesthetics and thoughts, so get ready fer some gewd mindsex, BBcakes!

One phrase: Stompin’ the face of popular culture.

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