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The history: This sibling-owned ultra 420-friendly brand sprang into existence in 2013 in San Diego, iChief Supply is influenced by the cannabis counter-culture and they're also the masterminds behind Dooby's Dog Toys! They're all about good times, high-quality products and the freedom to do what you want, when you want! They're committed to bringin' ya fun N' innovative MaryJ-centric products for the smoker on da go like their phone cases that you can roll a joint out of!

Why we love them: Their iPhone cases are a sikk af game-changer for the cannabis-inclined! These phone cases come in a variety of finishes to match yer style and they feature space to break down ur ingredients, slot to funnel them into yer papers, and space to store papers and one pre-roll. GENIUS.

One phrase: Next Level Smokin'

Known For: iChief Supply phone cases, iChief Supply weed phone cases, iChief Supply joint phone cases
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