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The history: Some sneaky n' prolly paranoid stoners wanted to get dabbed 24hrs 7 days of week, so they formed iHit - like literally da dopest phone cases ever. These iPhone cases are fukkin’ lit wid their stylish and innovative design to store yer stash. With odor free compartments that can also be used as rolling trays, these bbz will keep you n’ yer friends dank at parties or afterskool.

Why we love them: Cuz da da da da da... smoke weed everyday! We r all high fer keeping one rolled up, and luv how we can sneak dis shit in festies, concerts, and our parents’ crib. With cases for the iPhone 5 and 6, this shit is literally lit af.

One phrase: Rollin’ wid da homies.

Known For: iHit iPhone cases, iHit 5.0 phone case, iHit 6.0 phone case, iHit flameless lighter case, iHit bud case, iHit stash case
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