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Intentionally Blank

The history:Created in 2014 in Los Angeles, Intentionally blank shares roots between California and Brooklyn, New York. Young tastemaker and shoe veteran Ty McBride, went on a solo venture with one simple thing in mind: create shoes which inspire you to take your own personal style to a new level. Each shoe is meant to work with its owner’s favorite fashion staples and personal twists and to build upon what you already love. With creations from the Far East as well as the artisanal shoe regions of southern Spain, all made out of high quality materials with top attention to detail, and superior construction methods.

Why we love them: Intentionally Blank is not defined by social norms, nor detoured by gender expectation. While McBride admits he has style inspirations, influencers and an even bigger list of crushes, his true intention is that within each purchase you find a piece of yourself.

One phrase: “INTENTIONALLY _____________ .”