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Isolated Heroes

The history: Samantha McEwen wanted to make clothes that were luxury grade with a sik modern appeal to our girl generation. Like, think hyper-realistic, ravin’, dystopian-like worlds that vomited on tops, skirts, dresses, and more! Sounds cool, right? So in 2012, she established Isolated Heroes and the rest is history with their growing kult following. Handmade in a studio in Scotland, these highhh quality garments empower yer inner Kandi while have ya dripping in rad with its exaggerated embellishments, embroidery, oversized items, sassy sequins, and luxury faux fur that’ll turn up every situation yer in.

Why we love them: Talk about statement! You’ll be feelin’ empowered and new-new, with its hyper design that mixes a 90s babe and futuristic gurl into present day. Yer Instagram likes and friendz will double, that's fer sure!

One phrase: Future Primitive!

Known For: Isolated Heroes sassy sequins, Isolated Heroes luxury faux furs, Isolated Heroes futuristic girl

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