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The history: A long long time ago when all was right in the world (also known as the 90’s). J+Co’s powerhouse CEO, Miki Flores, destroyed the 90’s denim game and brought the brand JNCO world wide recognition. As if that wasn’t enough Flores wanted to mix up the game again and in 2013 brought streetwear something totally new to talk about in this revolutionary futurist brand, J+CO

Why we love them: Grabbing inspiration from everything out of this world and beyond our times J+CO kills it on a daily basis. This brand has a futuristic Techno-Pop feel that would make extraterrestrials jealous. With their less-is-more attitude Mika and the team pairs loud patterns and designs with muted silhouettes makin’ us galaxy bitches drool. Taking parts from the past, present, and future J+Co is ready to change whatever we thought we knew about dressin’ street savvy.

One phrase: Ready to blast you off.
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