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Jade Clark

The history: Jade Clark got famous over night on da interwebs after showing her graduate collection back in 2012 of tongue-in-cheek menswear that was filled with juxtaposition and genius. She wanted to continue making clothes fer everybuddy so started her self-made RTW brand that’s gotten nods from Rita Ora, Alexis Knox, and Tanya Lace. Inspired from anything from internet culture to British badboy influences, cities, crime, to thuggish lads, Jade throws in texture n fun to keep all her garments supa interesting.

Why we love them: Handmade in Yorkshire, we know each piece is xxtra dope and masterfully crafted. With quirky prints, use of unique fabrics, themes, and fun designs that keeps each silhouette differently bold, yer inner Kandi will be crushin’ da game.

One phrase: Sassy AF

Known For: Jade Clark Viva Las Vegas, Jade Clark internet halters, Jade Clark lycra clothing, Jade Clark neon clothing, Jade Clark rave clothing
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