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The history: Fer the sexually curious or the edgy avant-garde, JAKIMAC fuses leather and design to craft harnesses that’ll whip even the viewer into shape. Started by Jaki Capozzoli by reworking leather from her family’s shop, JAKIMAC was created to redefine the accessory to fit with underground subcultures while maintaining edge and polished in the same sentence. Locally crafted in L.A., these harnesses are constructed from the finest leathers in the world and are hand worked so each harness packs xxxtra care n’ attention, lasting fer years to come.

Why we love them: Raw n’ refined, these attention to detailed harnesses aren’t yer typical sexcessory. Made with poise and edge, we luv the choice to switch from highly fashionable to fetish all in one day or even one hour. Either way, we are getting lucky.

One phrase: Won’t you hold me down?

Known For: JAKIMAC harnesses, JAKIMAC belts, JAKIMAC accessories

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