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The history: Setting the scene in 2007, Joyrich was created by Tom Hirota in Los Angeles. With a lil bit of creative direction by Taka Okude and design by David Melgar, Joyrich began to take off.
Self described “retro-future flair” – Joyrich gravitates towards pop art culture and a whole ton of other crazy iconic art styles.

Why we love 'em: Wacky, out there, mad colorful designs. We reached out to Joyrich when we saw their super Japanese inspired patterns and cuts in women's clothing. Joyrich is obviously also heavily influenced by music and subcultures, which we can get behind.

Describe this brand in one word: Retro-future

Known For: Joyrich clothing, Joyrich backpack, Joyrich jacket, Joyrich varsity jacket, Joyrich sweater, Joyrich snapback

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