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Juju Shoes

The history: JuJu Footwear is the O.G. of the British Jelly Shoe and have been manufacturing these iconic duds in their own factory for over 25 years! This family-owned brand founded by Rushton Schafer started back in 1986 in the shoe capital of Britain as injection molders to the U.K. shoe trade. After working in the industry and pioneering the production of the original injection sandal, they were soon nicknamed "jelly shoes" and became a fashion statement for seaside travel. These materials for these shoes are sourced in England and are totally recyclable! How sikk is that?!

Why we love them: We remember these iconic jellies from our childhood and love that they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. With the recent re-release and contemporary twist, these shoes comes in new and exciting colors and always bring a lighthearted fun factor to any outfit.

One phrase: Yer favorite jellies are back and better than ever!

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