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The history: Jacques Spreregen started making berets that uniformed the British army in WWII leading to becoming a post war fashion item. To separate himself from others, he coined Kangol (K- knitting, ANG- angora, OL- wool) to rep everything what his berets are. Becoming essential headwear, this hat brand especially the Kangol 504 was supa popular in da clubs and on the streets -- immersing itself as the fashion accessory of subculture.

Why we love them: A mix of British heritage, retro hip hop, and future fashion, we absolutely want to kick it with Kangol. With its beautiful angora blend, nothing says whattup more!

One phrase: La-di-da-di we like to party...

Known For: Kangol 504 hat, Kangol flat hats, Kangol berets, Kangol bucket hats, Kangol hip hop hats, Kangol LL Cool J hat
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