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Kiss Me Kill Me

The history: Teaching herself to design n sew, gamer, and japanimation luvr, Ulala, wanted to make an anti conformist and accessory brand that’d be cute af fer Coco and her friendz. So she started playin’ and specializing in plastic and plushy things, and made it into da most adorable brand called Kiss Me Kill Me. Designed and hand finished herself in Paris, France, this super kawaii n flirty gogo-esque brand will bring out yer futuristic, pastel princess, goth kween, or neon goddess style.

Why we love them: Taking inspo from colorz, toys, cute thangs, and just anything magical, we are totally lovin’ how playful and imaginative dis brand is. With its vinyl and soft plush construction, deez pieces will definitely make ya feel like yer straight living from yer favorite anime or roaming around in Harajuku.

One phrase: The Power of Transformation is Yours!

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