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LA Girl

The history: L.A. Girl Cosmetics just wanted to provide babes with access to some of the sikkest shades and hues to inspire a saavy beauty junkie to learning novice. Making on-trend, innovative, and quality make-up products, their eyeliners, eye palettes, brow pencils, and concealers rule our world by having us express thru the art of color.

Why we love them: With the sickest hues ever, we totally dig affordable and quality products that encourages babes to have fun while dolling themselves up!

One phrase: Beauty 4 All

Known For: L.A. Girl Cosmetics foundation, L.A. Girl Cosmetics concealer, L.A. Girl Cosmetics eyeliner, L.A. Girl Cosmetics eyeshadow, L.A. Girl Cosmetics professional makeup
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