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Laser Kitten

The history: Creative director and pop culture guru, Marisa Ravel, luv’d the idea of sticking and posting some shit up fer that perf DIY feelz, just like how we used to do it with our sticker books, skool books, backpacks, n clothes. So she created Laser Kitten to fulfill our separation anxiety issues fer all things sticky n nostalgia related. Inspired by pop culture, tha 80s, and 90s, these highhh quality clothing and accessories will be tha perf #TBT and #FBF fer any of yer things.

Why we love them: Super fun and quirky, we are totes feelin’ Laser Kitten’s pins and patches that are all about our fav 80s and 90s icons. Keeping our shxt DIY, we luv to rearrange, arrange, and decorate our coolest shit with these bbz.

One phrase: Stick ‘Em Up!

Known For: Laser Kitten pins, Laser Kitten patches, Laser Kitten 90s pins, Laser Kitten 90s patches

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