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Lash Pop

The history: Lollipops N’ lashes-- the two best things about life, bb! Introducing Lash Pop, a sugar coated beauty brand bringing you the best natural-looking, vegan, and cruelty-free eyelashes that’ll have you lookin’ sweeter than ever.

Why we love them: Ultra cute, insta-worthy packaging and fun product names make these lashes a mouth-watering beauty sensation!

One phrase: Lashes are Life!

Where To Wear It: Doin’ makeup lookz, for a night out, hangin’ with your friends, takin’ ring light selfies, recording beauty tutorials.

What U'll Find: Lash Pop false eyelashes, Lash Pop silk lashes, Lash Pop synthetic lashes, Lash Pop wispy lashes, Lash Pop eyelash sets, Lash Pop everyday lashes.