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Lip Smacker

The history: In 1973, Lip Smacker debuted as the world’s very first flavored lip balm. With flavors ranging from candy treats and iconic sodas, you’ll surely find a flavor that’ll keep your lips lookin’ and tastin’ sweet, bb!

Why we love them: Lip Smacker’s wide range of authentic flavors, scents and colorfully designed products surely put a smile on all of our dolls’ faces!

One phrase: Welcome to the World of Lip Smacker!

Where To Wear It: Kissin’ your crush, poutin’ for a selfie, or sealin’ your lips for a secret.

What U'll Find: Lip Smacker flavored lip balm, Lip Smacker lip balm sets, Lip Smacker lip balm trios, Lip Smacker Skittles Lip Balm, Lip Smacker Coca Cola lip balm, Lip Smacker Starburst lip balm.
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